steem price jumped due to hard forked hive

Posted by Howard on March 19, 2020

After Justin Sun acquried Steem blockchain and intended to transfer the underlying steem blockchain to his Tron, there has been wide discussions and discontents among the steemit commmunity. Now there is a decision, community has determined to hard fork the steem to a whole new block chain: hive, this post in steemit can generally explain what it hive and what will happen next.

The boom of the steem price might due to the airdrop of the new coin based on hive, every steem account holder will get airdropped with the new coin except “The only accounts who will not be included in the initial airdrop are those containing the Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake, and those who actively contributed to (and publicly declared support for) the centralization of the Steem Blockchain.” I think this is to exclude Justin Sun from the new blockchain. People expect the new blockchain will be more decentralized and more people can participate and they are dissatistifed with the current steem witness as well so this is a chance to make the steem greater again. They will have a list of who will be excluded in public.

The launch of the new blockchain will be tomorrow. There still are lots of issues to consider, e.g. what about the existing voting bots? There are lots of voting bots in steemit, but how to make these bots work in the new chain? How to trade the new coin? Is there any way to exchange new coin with old steem? We will look and see what will be happening after tommorrow.

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