Wuhan pneumonia? Chinese Virus? Discrimination or fear?

Posted by Howard on February 10, 2020

Since the coronavirus spread from the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province to other cities and provinces in China, then from China to some other countries. Chinese government has begun to isolate the population. Many overseas countries, such as the United States, North Korea, Russia, Australia, etc. have barred Chinese citizens from entry.

It is said that the reason why the Australian government banned the entry of Chinese citizens is due to the petition of many people with Chinese background. However, this can be easily interpreted by the Chinese people as racial discrimination. Especially that some Chinese children on campus are left aside, former friends have stayed away from them. Plus there was a stupid sofa company in Australia, which showed on Harvey Norman that their products were free of coronavirus and made entirely in Australia. At this sensitive moment, the suspicion of racial discrimination was further increased. The famous Australian newspaper Herald Sun call this virus “Chinese virus”!

Let’s take a look at the domestic situation in China. Suzhou called all the other cities whose confirmed cases of coronavirus higher than it “high virus prevalence area”. All people from the “high virus prevalence area” are prohibited from entering Suzhou. The ID card is checked here. Another man with a license plate number of Hubei hovered on the highway for several weeks. Because there was no place to accept him, he did not dare to go to the hotel since he would be quarantined for at least 14 days. My WeChat group hates Wuhan people very much. They hate them for eating bats. We hate Wuhan people for breaking the rules and running around the world. Saying “Nine-headed bird in the sky, Hubei guy on the ground”. We call the virus “Wuhan Pneumonia”. Do we discriminate against Wuhan people? Are people in Suzhou discriminating against high-risk areas? I think it’s more of a fear of being infected, and it’s also a scientific isolation measure. When we say “Wuhan pneumonia”, we often say the source of this virus, of course, with resentment. Why do you eat bats indiscriminately, causing all the Chinese people to accompany you to suffer!

To be honest, Chinese in other countries are also afraid of each other, especially strangers, who knows where he came from, is it infected with a virus, especially someone coughing in public, not only the westerners are scared to stay away, even the Chinese themselves are scared. Some of my Chinese colleagues chose to stay away from the Chinese when they passed the Box Hill train station. It is estimated that other Westerners and Chinese are afraid of them, haha. I saw some people complaining on the forum saying their colleague who just returned from China and went to work without isolation. Who knows if there are any virus carriers on the train? When we went to the supermarket with few people, we did not feel that the Westerners had any fear of us.

I think the Chinese government is dissatisfied with the Australian government ’s ban on China. It is more like a diplomatic complaint. Although it has caused inconvenience to Australian students, it is also a form of self-protection. It’s going very well, but what if there is a leaked fish running to Australia? The virus is very infectious, otherwise it would not be a plague. The timid and greedy Australian government has no choice. It banned the Chinese people and it losts a lot in term of economics, but life is more important then money.

Under such circumstances, I can understand the fear of the people of Hubei, especially Wuhan, and the fear of a small number of Australian people against the Chinese people. The current phenomenon is more about the fear of coronavirus. Of course, there are some people who are mixed with discrimination. Nevertheless, the dispute has to be debated. The demonstrations in the Melbourne CBD not long ago opposed racial discrimination. It’s good that bad emotions and practices against Chinese cannot be amplified.

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