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Posted by Howard on October 11, 2019

You may want a different place to go after visiting CBD of Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road which is far away from Melbourne. It only takes around 15 minutes train from Melbourne or Box hill to reach Hawthorn and enjoy a different view of suburb.

These days are quite cold, the Summer is gone and Fall is coming. I suddenly find that I have never watch a open air movie! On a breezy summer day, you can lie on a lazy couch or a recliner, sipping a cup of milkshake, watching a movie and viewing the stars in LIDO!

Lido Cinema has not only several large and small cinemas, but also has an open-air cinema on the roof!

Apart from that, this theatre has something more attractive! Live jazz performances will be performed every Friday and Saturday. The small but comfortable performance area controls the number of viewers to around 40. This small-scale performance pulls the distance between the audience and the performers and ensures the quality of the performance. Local jazz musicians in Melbourne take turns singing and want to experience the most in Melbourne culture.

Lido Jazz Room


Ticket price:$25

$20 Members and Student Concession only.


Designed in 1915 and opened in 1916, Hawthorn Tram Depot is a one-of-a-kind building that integrates offices, amenities and substations that provide traction for trams.

The building is in good condition and now looks exactly the same as when it was first opened, and it was literally a second to cross the last century!

Everyone should have an impression on the old trams. The 30th and 35th trams still use the original models. The leather seats are also accompanied by a circle around the city.

These are the open days for your reference:

14,28 April 2018

12,26 May 2018

9,23 June 2018

14,28 July 2018

11,25 August 2018

8,22 September 2018

13,27 October 2018

10,24 November 2018

8 December 2018

Opening hours :11am to 5pm

Address: 8 Wallen Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122

You can take 75 or 70 tram to get there!

Now it is time to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view in a garden:

Yarra Bank Reserve

The Yarra River flows through Hawthorn, Richmond before entering the city.

Along the river, the trails have complete facilities, proper ups and downs, one of the best choices for walking, running, and cycling! There is a large area of grassland and shade, suitable for family picnics and have a break.

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