Posted by Howard on February 20, 2018

Bonsai is a vocabulary coming from Japan. However, Bonsai art actually originated from China. In Tang dynasty, which is the most powerful era in ancient China, Janpanese government sent lots of students to China to learn language and Chinese culture. They learned Chinese Chess, food, as well as arts including Bonsai. Bonsai is a miniature of gardens, plants, it is especially popular in place with limited space. When I was a child in China, I began to like create Bonsai with picture in my mind, this is really a creative job to make me feel enjoyable. I haven’t paid attention to Bonsai for tens of years until recently, when I knew there will be a Bonsai exhibition by Victoria associate in Box hill, this news made me feel something electrifying my nerves.

So my dear steemit friends, please follow me to this visual art feast.

After entering, I was shocked by my first glance of a mini forest, I was wondering how so many trees can be planted into such a small space, then I got to know they were actually from one tree, so it looked they were selected very carefully so that they showed up as a green jungle. There is even a small bench chair hidden behind those leaves. I wanted to be a miniature so that I can sit down and take a rest on that chair, enjoying the green nature. IMG_20171015_142824.jpg

Here is the Bonsai called ‘Chinese elm’ and it often appeared on the side of a hallway of entrance in an ancient Chinese family. The shelf is usually made up of red wood to show its solemnity, different bonsais are put elegantly in grid, symbolizing variety of life. IMG_20171015_143146.jpg

The bases of bonsai are not always flower plate, sometimes they can be a piece of irregular rotted wood or even a boulder, indicating the vitality of life. IMG_20171015_144914.jpg IMG_20171015_142723.jpg IMG_20171015_142254.jpg

There are more, the organizers asked visitors to choose 3 best bonsais, which was a tough job for me, all the bonsais had its own style and they all looked exclusive. IMG_20171015_142455.jpg IMG_20171015_142853.jpg IMG_20171015_142937.jpg

I was filled with tranquil while looking around and I had a strong desire to create a bonsai by myself, a peaceful place in my mind, a shelter to escape from the secular life.

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