MetaMask account was hacked

Posted by Howard on March 31, 2020

Days ago I wrote an article How to convert steem to eth,I saw the eth flashed in my wallet then disappeared.

I was so discontented not because of the 16 usd worth of eth, but my confidence in decentralized system was shaken. I decided to make things clear.

The asset flow was like this: I transferred steem to ‘blocktrades’, in return, it transferred specified eth to my wallet and charged me some comission. I was using metamask chrome plug in for my eth wallet. Actually I didn’t use that wallet at all, except I used it once for smart contract development, but that’s telnet, not in the main net. But they share the same seed and private key.

In the first place, I suspect ‘blocktrades’ might overpay eth miner in order to make the deal, so I sent email asking them, they answered:

Hello, Here is output hash:

Best Regards, Julija

According to that reply, they have no problem in the transaction, they gas fee was 0.01 usd.

Next step is the clarify Metamask wallet, but that’s just a wallet to hold my private key. But I still sent email to ask, their response was quite promp, they asked me to download a log from metamask setting, then I got the answer:


This clearly shows that my account was hacked. Somebody compromised my eth account then set up a regular transfer system. No wonders there are always output transactions in my account in etherscan!!! It looks this account was hacked long time ago!!

This ‘0x627306090abab3a6e1400e9345bc60c78a8bef57’ is my ethereum address and I won’t use it anymore.

The lession here is to check your wallet address in etherscan before you receive payments. If it looks like many output payments which were not your action, your account is most likely compromised and you shouldn’t use that account any more.

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