Solve a DNS issue in Ubundu VM

Posted by Howard on January 20, 2019

I once set up a virtual machine hosted in windows and installed Ubundu 16.04 LTS, it was running well and I could surf internet as well.

However, browsers got inaccessible for me yesterday. It always complained ‘resolving host’ while I tried to surf on internet browser. It looks the DNS could not interpret the domain name to IP address. I tried many ways I searched online, however, none of them could work for me. I began to suspect the old DNS may not work anymore for me, but the DNS configured on my host PC was working. I used ipconfig to check net status in my host machine and it looks it has several DNS setup.

Opening up the system setting in Ubundu and you can see ‘Network’ icon:

Open up the ‘Network’ and go to ‘options’, choose the ‘IPv4 Settings’ tab, put the DNS which is working in the host to the ‘Additional DNS servers’:

All good now, no need to restart the ubundu for me:)

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