virtual machine and windows combination

Posted by Howard on January 16, 2019

My home computer is Chinese languaged based windows system and my child cannot understand. It is required to install a linux and English based system similiar to the school in my computer. I don’t want to switch from one system to another so I need to install the linux system in a VM.

I once installed ubuntu 16.4 in my office PC using hyper-V as the virtual machine, the speed is acceptable and it is quite stable. However the office PC is windows 10. My home PC is windows 7 and hyper-V cannot work in a workstation , it should work in a server or connect to a server, thus I cannot use hyper-V in windows 7.

I tried oracle virtual Box as VM with ubuntu 17, it is fragile and reported memory broken several times, failed. Then I tried the same VM with 16.4, this time it is better, however, it still threw out exception.

Finally I tried VM ware with ubuntu 16.4, this proved to be quite stable.

Updated 2017/9/2: VM ware with ubuntu 16.4 is too slow and unacceptable, I tried with Apple Mac os x 10.10 today and it is much better.

There are many bloggers who made comparsion between different virual machine softwares without really experience them. So be cautious about them.

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