Follow me to cook fried new year cake

Posted by Howard on December 19, 2018

It is very easy to cook fried new year cake. You need to buy it from some Chinese shop. You need to buy some Chinese carbage. The meat slice is optional.

做炒年糕是相当简单的事情。 首先,去当地华人店买一袋年糕,再买些青菜。肉丝可选。

Preparation: You’d better soak the new year cake in water for half an hour to make them soft.


Clean the Chinese carbage and cut them into pieces. Put them into an oiled pan to stir and fry. Spread some salt.


Pour the new year cakes into the Chinese carbage and stir them together. Put some water to fry and stir the new year cakes to soften them. Spread some salt again, make sure it won’t salty and just right. After 15 minutes all done and ready for serve.


So easy, vegetarian and healthy, isn’t it?