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Posted by Howard on December 18, 2018

To be honest, I am a noodle enthusiast, I have been trying many silly ways to make noodle to please myself from childhoods. There were two things I was keen to do in my childhood, one is trying ways to make delicious noodle, another is Chinese Taoism. Today, I am going to tutor how to make tomato egg fried noodle. My recipe is quite suitable for everyday life.



Some tomatos, Noodles, I like those wide one, Eggs, Sugar, Salt.

请准备好: 面条,我喜欢宽的, 鸡蛋, 糖, 盐。

Step one, prepare noodle. Put noodles in a boiling water and water for about five minutes until they are half served; get out the noodle and soak into clean water so that they won’t stick together.

第一步,准备面条。把面条放进沸水里煮五分钟,确保面条半熟。然后捞出来。 用干净的水泡一下,这样它们不会粘在一起。

Step two, pour a little oil in the pan, it depends on how healthy you want your food. After warmed up, put minced tomatos in the pan and stir, fry for five minutes. Make sure the tomatos are fully cooked. Then pour some water in the pan, turn up the fire to boil the water. Use small fire or heat to stew the tomatoes, if it is sore, you should put some sugar, I forgot to buy sugar, so I applied some honey instead. Stew for around half an hour to make sure the tomatos melt and their flavor is squeezed into the soup. Spread some salt. Remove tomatos and soup.


第二步, 锅里放点油,放多少自己看着办,你想要多健康。把番茄🍅切碎放锅里用大火炒一下,然后放些水煮大约半小时,如果味道酸,就放些糖,我忘了买糖,就用蜂蜜来替代。最后撒些盐。煮是为了让番茄的味道都到汤里去。把番茄和汤都盛出来。 image

Step three, use two or three eggs and stir them evenly, then fry in the pan.

第三步, 把两个鸡蛋打碎,搅拌均,然后放锅里炒一下。

Final step, mix noodle, fried eggs and tomato soup together in the pan while heating, spray some salt while stiring and frying. Now the tomato egg fried noodle is ready to serve.

最后一步,把面条,炒蛋,西红柿汤等混在一起边炒变搅拌,撒些盐。美味的番茄鸡蛋炒面准备就绪啦。 image image image

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