Follow me to make egg noodle(跟我一起做荷包蛋面)

Posted by Howard on December 18, 2018

I made egg noodle yesterday for the dinner. It is delicious, nutritious and most of all, less time consuming.



Noodle Spring onion Light soy sauce Salt Egg Meat (Spam )


面条 小葱 生抽 盐 鸡蛋 火腿肉,我买的一种叫Spam的肉

image image

Step one: cook noodle in boiling water for about five minutes, ensure the noodles are half cooked. Then get the noodles out and soak in clean cold water, get them out .

第一步:把面条🍜放沸腾的水里烧五分钟,确保别烧过头,烧半熟就可以。 把面条捞起来,过冷水。

Step two: cut spring onion into minces; slice the meat.


Step three: pour a little cooking oil into pot, use high fire for the oil to get hot; spread the minced spring onion into the oil, then fry and stir until you can smell the aroma of the spring onion.


Step four: put some water into the pot, wait until it boils. Spread some salt, light soy sauce into the water. Then break two eggs and pour them into the water.


image image

Step five: put noodles into the boiling soup, spread some salt and light soy sauce. Wait until the noodles are cooked and ready for serve.


image image

The whole process only takes about half an hour, it is so convenient for people going back from a busy working day.


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