Follow me to cook crab noodle(跟我一起做螃蟹面)

Posted by Howard on December 18, 2018

My child has been eating shit food with me for days. I feel so sorry for her. Today I decided to cook something good for her. After doing some investigation, a crab noodle might be an excellent meal for her. During lunch time, I went to purchase two blue crabs, a bunch of spring onion and a piece of ginger, a bag of instant noodle. It is quite easy to cook delicious crab noodle, just follow these steps.


Step one: cook a pot of water until it boils.

第一步, 烧一锅开水。

Step two: place amount of noodle into the boiling water and wait for 4 minutes, be aware not to fully cook it, get the noodle out and merge into clean cool water, drag the noodle out and put in a plate.


Step three: dismantle the crabs, tear off its limbs, open its cover, cut it in halves. Be aware to throw away those white stripes since they are crab’s lungs.

第三步,螃蟹洗干净,分离壳、腿、从身子中间对半切。壳可以留下装饰用。记得把螃蟹的肺去掉,寒气重。 image image image

Step four: cut the spring onion and ginger to minces.

第四步,把葱和姜切碎。 image

Step five: pour some oil into the pot and place crabs, spring onion, ginger to fry and stir for five minutes. Then pour in a little cooking wine and cover for half a minute.


Step six: put some light soy sauce,water to the crabs and cover for 2 minutes, until they are fully served, then get all out including the crab soup.


Step seven: no need to clean the pot, using small fire to warm the pot, put a little oil, put noodle in, spray some spring onion and stir them up.


Step eight: pour the crab mixture to the pot and mix evenly with the noodle. A pot of delicious crab noddle is now ready for serve!!

第八步,把螃蟹和少量剩余汤汁倒入,拌匀。起锅。 image

image image image

I am so proud of my self since my fussy child loves it so much!!


Enjoy your weekend and next Monday!


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