cryptocurrency exchanges integration trading system

Posted by Howard on December 6, 2018

There are too many cryptocurrency exchanges these days, they are running separately, so the price for the same cryptocurrency may be very different from one to another. As I know, vast amount of investors are finding chance to make use of these differential prices to arbitrage.

Current situation

•Users have to sign up with all exchanges separately

•Unfortunately, some exchanges only allow citizens or permanent residents to sign up, such as independent reserver

•They have to upload their personal id and lots of other documents several times with different exchanges

•They have to suffer high commission fees

•They have to manually transfer crypto coins from one exchange to another in order to arbitrage

•They probably cannot convert cryptocurrencies into fiat, instead USDT or USDC, although announced to pegged to one USD, but actually are quite unreliable

New Life begins

•Users just need to sign up with one broker to trade all cryptocurrencies in exchanges selected by the broker;

•They can make use of price difference in exchanges by trading in a single system

•They can get fiat instead of USDT or USDC

How the system works

•The brokers pick up those most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges

•They deposit fund and sign up with exchanges

•They negotiate with exchanges for better commission fees

•They buy insurance to transfer risks

•They set up reasonable commissions for clients who would use this system

A depth to integrate best prices in different exchanges for different cryptocurrencies

All Win

•Vendor can extend its business by step into the domain of cryptocurrency trading which is a blue sea

•Brokers can have more source of income via commissions from trading of cryptocurrency

•Investors can have more convenience to arbitrage in different exchanges

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