How to extend my VM harddisk capacity in Ubundu

Posted by Howard on October 16, 2018

I setup a VMWare with guest machine running in Ubundu, the capacity of hard disk was set to 40G. It is too small for me now, I wanted to extend to 100G.

Step 1: Go to VM–>setting, click the hard disk option, then select ‘utilities’, and click on ‘Extend’, put the capacity to 100G.

Step 2: In Ubundu, open up terminal, and install partition tool—gparted.

$sudo apt-get install gparted 

Step 3: open up gparted:

$sudo gparted 

then you can see the extended partition:

With gparted, it is very easy to format the extended partition, then apply the change.

Step 4: mount the extended partition to a point:

create a fold:

$sudo mkdir share

mount extended partition to share fold:

$sudo mount /dev/sda3 /home/chenlocus/share

Step 5: setup automatic mount on Ubundu startup:

open up /etc/fstab with gedit:

$sudo gedit /etc/fstab

and put this(customize to your own conditions):

/dev/sda3 /home/chenlocus/share auto defaults 0 1

Save up.

Then even if you restart up your VM, the extended partition will still be mounted to the share fold.

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