St Kilda Beach in Melbourne

Posted by Howard on October 11, 2018

Almost every Sunday, we goes to St Kilda Beach, which is located in Port Melbourne and is a city beach. It is very convenient to travel there by tram 96, 3a or 16 and just get off two stops after the famous Luna Park. If you like to drive there by car, there are plenty of ticket parking places. However I don’t think it is a good idea to travel by private vehicles nearby CBD. image

Here you can enjoy serenity as well as convenience of facilities of playing above the sea. There are lots of restaurants along the beach. image image image image

These are very funny bronze statues of a half human and half dog. Besides him, there is a semi kangaroo. They look like a couple living in harmony and enjoying this beautiful view of sea side.

image image image

Not long away, there is a female kangaroo who is behaving like the famous American super star Marilyn Monroe. image

There is a Sunday Market just along the beach, which is the reason why we like to come here each Sunday. There are lots of home made aircrafts in the Sunday Market and some of them are really appealing. image image image image image

There is a long jetty starting from the bank of the beach and ending on the center of the bay. A restaurant (st kilda Pier kiosk ) at the end of the jetty is a landscape of st kilda beach. It was rebuilt around 2003 due to a fire.

I would advise you to go to city by tram 96, which will travel across a county place. You can get off in Burke street which is the center of Melbourne. image image

Thanks for traveling with me visually around St Kilda Beach, hope you enjoy.

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