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Posted by Howard on October 11, 2018

There are some options in Victoria to ski in winter: Lake Mountain, Mt Buller, Falls Creek, and Mt Baw Baw.

It is said Mt Buller is filled by touring groups and I have never been there. I once drove to Mt Baw baw, but there are too many sharp turnings on the way and the swerves made me sick, so I swore I would never go there. I have been to Lake Mountain lots of time; this is a good place for people to play with snow, which I mean enjoying snow view, skiing on toboggan. There are some ski channels in Lake Mountain, but not many people skied there, mostly for amateurs. You need to rent at least snow shoes to be permitted to access there. Lake Mountain is not far away from eastern Melbourne, only about 2 hours driving, so it is comfortable for one day return. There used to be family lesson packages including entry fee and lunch and I like that.

Falls creek is a place for professional skiers and real learners. But it is 4-5 hours’ driving from Melbourne, so I would like to spend several days there to compensate for my effort in driving. It is necessary to book your accommodations months prior to setting off. Off mountain accommodations are usually cheaper than on mountain rooms.

Snow gears, such as snow clothes, trousers, gloves, hats,goggles, are prepared in advance. For beginners, ski, boots, poles can be hired instead of purchase.

There is entrance fee and full fare for a car is 49.5 AUD on arrival, but if you book online, you can save 4.5 AUD for one day. If you arrive after 1PM, the price will be 22, after 4PM entry is free.

Snow pass card is a one-off cost which is $5, so what is it for?

“Your snow pass is a re-usable credit card-sized ticket that you keep on you whilst you are skiing or snowboarding. There’s no need to take your Snow Pass out to ride the lifts - Electronic gates scan your Snow Pass as you pass through and automatically open to allow access to the lift.”

This can be purchased online or on arrival at: On-mountain Ticket Offices are located in Slalom Plaza (at the base of the Falls Express Chairlift), in the Village Bowl(at the top of Gully Chair) and at all Falls Creek Sports outlets.

Lift pass is quite expensive and I saw many foreigners accused Australia’s excessive price for skiing due to this! But anyway, there is way to reduce the cost a little bit; it is said in falls creek’s official website:

“Purchase 14+ days in advance for 15% discount off full price, purchase 1 - 13 days in advance for 5% discount off full price.”

In addition,” if you purchase lift tickets, group lessons,or Children’s Programs for 5 days or greater and you get the advantage of 2rest days that you can use at any time. This means that if you purchase a 5 day pass you can use it for 5 days over a 7 day period. Lift Passes for 5 days or greater also include free access from 1pm the day prior to the ticket commencing.”

Snow lesson packages are more economical for ski learners. For children age 3 to 5:

For children age 6 to 14:

Be aware, the snow pass is not included, but you don’t need to buy extra lift pass. You can order half a day, the afternoon session does not include lunch.

These are some photos I took during the snow season.








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