How to share fold in hosted windows system with VM ubundu

Posted by Howard on January 20, 2018

We can share files in VM ubundu with hosted windows, we can also share a fold in hosted windows system to it VM ubundu.

Step 1: set up the shared fold in the VM setting:

Step 2: There is problems with vm hgfs modules of open-vm-tools and it has not been resolved yet. So we need to walk around this.

We should go to ubundu and download the patches:

git clone

Step 3: Obtain the lates version of the vmware-tools:

cd vmware-tools-patches
./ 8.1.0
Untar and apply the patches

Step 4: Compile and install the patched files.


Then we can see the shared fold here in ubundu: /mnt/hgfs

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